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9-16-02 "Spiritual Quest" - Los Angeles Times
3-18-02 "Prince Diabaté a Masterful Kora Player" - Los Angeles Times, CalendarLive - World Music Review
3-15-02 Prince Diabaté - L.A. Weekly, Concert Picks


"All the world is an instrument" - Daily News


"Mr Diabaté, a virtuosic kora player, reared in Guinea, was a clear audience
New York Times, September 18, 2002

"Draped like a Guinean pope, the charismatic Diabaté was the cock of the walk."
LA Weekly, CA, September 20, 2002

"L'un des plus brillants virtuoses de la cora d'Afrique de l'Ouest."
La Presse, Montréal, Canada, December 19, 2002

"....le petit Diabate acquiert une rapidite epoustouflante."
Voir Magazine, Canada, December, 2002

"It was an amazing evening, worth repeating."
Music Connection Magazine,CA, February, 2003

"Prince Diabaté and his band turned in a regal performance."
Hi Desert Post, CA, July, 2003

"Un reél coup de coeur."
Francofolies de Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Aug 2003

"Prince Diabaté is forging a new connection with the older musical forms"
Folkworks Magazine, Los Angeles, Sept-Oct, 2003

"Bringing something different to town on Aug 14, Prince Diabate performed at SOHO. As the chatting crowd swelled, he snuck onstage with his band and started rockin' the house. Diabate delivered two sets of traditional vocal, kora, djembe and krin rhythms rearranged to include acoustic and electric guitar. Added to that mix, Becky Allen's clear voice and lyrical flute accompanied the leader's virtuoso kora performance.
The Santa Barbara Independent, CA, USA, August 2004

"Prince Diabaté's music covers a lot of ground— from reggae to rap— but it's the Guinean musician's ancestral roots that hold the most sway in his upbeat, worldly compositions."
Albuquerque Journal, NM, November, 2004

"Diabate's masterful fusion of funk, reggae, Caribbean rhythms and the traditional sounds of his Malinke roots in Guinea, West Africa, make his some of the freshest, most danceable music going....Diabate's technical wizardry with the kora and his mastery of it are sorcerer-like."
ALIBI, Albuquerque, NM, November, 2004

"It was wonderful having Prince here - truly a gracious (and amazingly talented) artist."
KBCS 91.3FM Radio, Bellevue-Seattle, WA, Jan, 2005

"La vedette du jour, Prince Diabate est dans le pantheon de ceux qui refletent la grandeur et l'immensite de la richesse de l'Afrique culturelle... Prince Diabate, que la presse americaine a surnomme par affection "Jimi Hendrix de la kora," est un musicien d'une virtuosite rare. En plus de la kora, qu'il maitrise bien, il joue aussi le kamelen n'goni et est dote d'une voix puissante et envoutante...un musicien guineen qui est encore loin d'atteindre son apogee."
Guinee News, Toronto,Canada, October, 2005

"En Guinee-Conakry, on considere qu'il a revolutionne l'art de la kora en developpant une facon plus percussive de jouer de cet instrument. En plus,
ce descendant d'une illustre famille de djelis malinkes est l'un de ceux qui
ont le mieux reussi a fusionner les fondements des traditions mandingues
avec rap, reggae, flamenco, latin et funk; rien a voir avec la superposition de genres, mais beaucoup plus avec l'evolution creatrice d'une culture ouverte vers l'exterieur."
ICI, Montreal, Canada, October, 2005

"Prince Diabate fait entrer la kora dans le 21e siecle! Depuis plus de 15 ans, sa maitrise exceptionnelle de l'instrument l'a amene a en revolutionner la maniere de jouer."
Voir, Montreal, Canada, October, 2005

"The Guinean kora master, Prince Diabate, updates griot music for Westerners without diminishing its traditional power."
The New Yorker Magazine, NY, October, 2005

"Diabate has evolved into one of the most innovative West African artists... He weaves elements of rock and reggae into the fabric of his music and plays a wireless electro-acoustic kora - with special effects supplied from distortion pedals."
The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 2005

'On comprend rapidement pourquoi certains surnomment Prince Diabaté, le "Jimi Hendrix de la kora" : dès son premier morceau, Diabaté y allait de grands coups de pédale à effets sur cet instrument traditionnel de l'Afrique de l'Ouest ! Avouez que la chose est plutôt rare et audacieuse dans le contexte.... l'homme a du talent et de l'audace!'
L'Avenue du Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada, 2005

"Not only is he in high demand on the festival circuit, but his innovation with the instrument has earned him widespread acclaim."
Arizona Daily Star, AZ, September, 2006

"Prince Diabate is a leading Kora player of his generation and is from a Malinké family from Guinea, West Africa. He combines the traditions of Manden music with modern fusion, including reggae, rap, blues and funk. Prince Diabate has created a refreshing, modern version of Manden music rich with external musical influences.", January, 2007

"Il a une maitrise parfaite de l'instrument, son jeu est rapide et sa musique reste authentique et actuelle.", Montreal, Canada, August, 2007

"Prince Diabate lived up to his reputation. The virtuosic kora player showed an amazing mastery of his instrument, delighting music lovers- of all cultural backgrounds - with the divine sounds he produced."
The Sudbury Star, Ontario, Canada, October, 2007.

"Prince Diabaté, un artista de la kora guineana demostró el dominio que tiene de este instrumento."
Review from Fimec-Chiclana,El Puente Chiclana Noticias,Spain, July 2010

"Prince Diabaté procedente de Guinea, nos llamó la atención el control que tenía tocando la kora y la transparencia del sonido. Como una amiga dijo,
“Si cierras los ojos parece que estás en otro sitio”.
Review from Fimec-Chiclana by nConcierto - fanzine de musica independiente, Spain, July 2010

"Beyond being a master of the kora, Prince Diabate has blown open the musical territory traditionally covered by the kora. His original music is genre-defying and he stands out like a true guitar hero during his performances..In addition to his instrumental genius, Prince also has a powerful voice that gives his compositions an emotional edge. He definitely brought the people together during his set, again rousing the attendees out of their seats to dance and gather at the stage."
Review from Seattle, USA July 2014


"In collaboration with seasoned guitarist, Jeff Kellner, Prince Diabate delivers a pleasing collection of music that continues his three decades-long foray into deceptively simple, laid-back presentation of considerably experimental music."
Review of FASO by Gene Scaramuzzo, WWOZ, New Orleans, October 2015

BRIEF COMMENTS: Album, DJERELON. (See CD Page for Full Reviews)

"Prince Diabate is one of the most exciting kora players working today. He also sings both traditional Manding music and his own compositions, and is very interested in fusing traditional music with modern ideas without having the modern elements dominate.", January 2007

"Prince Diabaté has taken a new direction on his latest album. He approached Kante Manfila to collaborate on the arrangements and production...he has gone back to the roots of the Peuhl, Susu & Malinke people of Guinée for inspiration. The title means 'remember your roots' and the set proves that roots is best." www.muzikifan Sept 2006

"DJERELON: a sure winner for West African music fans."
- Spin The Globe, KAOS, 89.3FM, WA. USA, May, 2006

Djerelon: Editor's Pick
'Incredible African music that is sure to whisk you away to West Africa."

Smother Magazine, June 2006

''A very snappy world beat set that doesn't follow convention as much as march to its own drummer; any fans who know him from before won't be disappointed, while any new fans will be delighted.'' Midwest Record, June 21, 2006

All of the instruments are the real thing and you won't find anything plugged in here...I recommend DJERELON to all world music fans and to those who just want to feel the joy that a true artist like Diabate delivers.' LA YOGA Magazine, July/August, 2006

"Un album ambitieux, enregistré à Conakry avec une vingtaine de musiciens : des cordes raffinées, des tambours et du balafon qui nous parlent pour vrai, des flûtes subtiles ou déchirantes. Un disque fluide."
Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada, July 2006

...'Expert arranging sets this recording apart from many contemporary recordings of Mande music...[Prince Diabate]reveals his broad experience and modernity with subtlety and cool. Djerelon establishes him as an important player in the growing wave of West African acoustic pop.'
Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide, July 2006

"Like much of the best West African music, Djerelon is upbeat, but with a blue-toned soul, as minor-keyed phrasings snake their way through the predominantly happy melodies."Michael Keefe, Pop Matters, Aug 21, 2006

'Beautiful, modernized and multilayered African Mandingo griot pop...if you enjoy gorgeous, melody-driven African pop, you'll want to check this album out!' Slipcue E-Zine, June, 2006

"Using a mix of traditional songs and original compositions, Diabaté neatly keeps a foot in both the traditional and modern camps, making for a satisfying showcase of contemporary West African roots music." Folk Roots Magazine, UK, Dec, 2006.



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