Prince Diabate



May/June 2001 Release of 'New Life' CD on Sunrise Records

Watch out for the release of Prince's long-awaited third CD, 'New Life.'
This innovative CD, which features a host of talented musicians, plus guest
artists Alberto de Almar, John Bilzekjian, Michael Brook, Hassan Hakmoun and
André Manga, is an exhilarating expedition into waters previously uncharted
by the kora.

The twelve tracks truly demonstrate the scope of Prince's musical creativity,
as he freely fuses acoustic and electric styles from Africa, America and
beyond; incorporating traditional mandingo with rap, reggae, blues, Indian,
Caribbean and European rhythms. It's hot; it's brilliant and it's (almost)

CD Release Party - TBD

Sunday, July 29 10am-1pm
Farmers' Market, Main Street, Santa Monica - Free Show

Friday, October 19 12pm-1pm
California Plaza (Spiral Court), Downtown - Free Show

This is just the beginning - there will be more events coming up -so stay
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